Bala Devi scores her first goal in  Europe

Bala Devi scores her first goal in Europe

Who is bala devi?

Who is Bala Devi?

Bala Devi’s full name is Ngangom Bala Devi born on 2 February 1990 in Manipur. She is an Indian women’s footballer who plays for Scottish Women’s Premier League club Rangers and India women’s national football team. In earlier days she has the opportunity to play only with boys. So at the time, she will many discomforts, unwanted talks from the public who were seeing the game. But she does not take any point or other’s view into her head, so, she succeeds in her very easily.

Starting stage of Ngangom Bala Dev

In later she was a part of the Manipur U19 team, the performance in Manipur U19 team helps her to take part in Under-19 Women’s Championship in Assam in 2002. After that tournament result, she was declared as best player among the players who have played in that tournament. Also, Devi went to represent the Manipur senior women’s team in the India women’s football championship. In Jan 2020, Devi signed a professional contract of 18 months with Scottish Women’s Premier League club Rangers, this making her one of few Indian women footballer to a professional footballer.

How Devi becomes first Indian woman footballer to score in Europe?

Success pic of bala devi
Success pic of bala devi

On last Sunday Bala Devi has changed the history and become a first Indian woman to score in a professional league in Europe when she netted against Motherwell for Rangers FC. At the tough situation, Devi enter into the match and worked hard to make this match as very easy and winnable. Due to her unbelievable effort, the match has changed in last 85mins.

Bala Devi jersy

As we said before, due to her effort, in 85th minutes, She deadlocks the situation and makes a goal from the midfield. She had passed the ball on a lightning speed to her mate, once the ball received she again tried to pass it to Devi because she the only player who has the ability to score a goal against Motherwell.

Indian footbal team

She is the identity of Indian Women’s football and for as well and she is the crucial player in the No. 10 jersey. In media, Bengaluru FC CEO said Bala’s entry into the Rangers will be more positive, encouraging to the players in the team. Now we can say she is one of the best Footballers in the World for this achievement she has faced many discouragements, many negative words from the public, but Devi ignored those kinds of unwanted topics to reach this much heights. Form her story we all can take this as an inspiration for all our lives to achieve something.